3 ways to accelerate learning in summer school

Accelerating learning this summer is a top priority for many districts. In our latest guide, we share 3 ways to create meaningful classroom experiences this summer to engage students and accelerate their learning.

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How to build student agency into your ELA instruction
Learning begins with content that’s engaging. Students need opportunities for student-led learning or student choice, which is critical for staying motivated in their learning.
How to embed accessibility supports into your instruction
Students enter the classroom with diverse backgrounds, providing accessibility supports helps meet students where they are and set them up for success.
How to measure student growth using a variety of low-stakes formative assessments
To accelerate learning in summer programs, measuring student growth can help educators gain clarity on student understanding.

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In order for students to accelerate learning this summer, they must have meaningful learning experiences that set them up for success. So what do “meaningful learning experiences” look like? Picture a classroom that curates lessons that prioritize and embrace the full scope of a child’s developmental needs while also ensuring academic goals are met.

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