Success in Social Studies: Six essentials you need in your social studies content

As the world continues to diversify, teachers will need to ensure their social studies content supports the changes. If they don't, student engagement and learning could be at risk. In this resource, learn about the 6 essentials you need in your social studies content and whether your content is missing any.

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Key Takeaways

A summary of the 6 essentials you need in your social studies content
What are the 6 essentials you need in your social studies content? With this resource, you can walk through each essential, including their individual relevance to social studies.
The importance of prioritizing the 6 essentials in your social studies content
Gain insight on the importance of the 6 essentials in your social studies content, including the impact on student engagement and learning outcomes.
Evaluate how your social studies content is doing
An easy-to-use rubric educators can reference to evaluate how their social studies content is doing for each of the 6 essentials you need in your social studies content.

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The evolution in social studies instruction continues to move at such a rapid pace, that core materials alone are not enough to keep up. As a result gaps in core materials surface, and educators look to other sources to supplement their curriculum. Two notable instructional shifts in social studies include a move toward inquiry-based instruction and a push to include more diverse perspectives and non-dominant narratives. State mandates across the country show movement towards more culturally responsive instruction, through course requirements such as, ethnic studies or Native American history. With Newsela Social Studies, you can equip teachers for this change with a vast and trustworthy source of instructional content that supports your curriculum and gets students of all backgrounds and abilities thinking like historians.

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