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Newsela products are rooted in research and learning science, and proven to drive learning outcomes by a growing number of studies conducted by Newsela and third parties. Learn more about Newsela’s approach to research and efficacy and why Newsela works to drive student motivation and learning.

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Overview of recent Newsela studies
Review the recent efficacy studies and analysis conducted by Newsela’s PhD-trained researchers
Emerging trends from the research
See what district leaders should take away from the trends that emerge across studies
Research foundations
See how Newsela is purpose-built to drive student motivation and learning

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At Newsela, we pride ourselves on accountability, regularly conducting robust and rigorous qualitative and quantitative research to ensure that our solutions are engaging and effective.

Our Learning Team is staffed by PhD-trained researchers with expertise in the science of reading, program evaluation, and data science, and is constantly conducting high-quality in-house research. We also frequently contract leading independent third-party evaluators to conduct unbiased evaluative research. Newsela’s content and features are validated against outside standardized assessment data with a growing panel currently representing over 80 school systems from over 20 states.

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