How standard-aligned, relevant content at teachers’ fingertips helps Oak Park USD flexibly engage students

After a year of disruption, Oak Park plans to ease staff and students back into in-person learning through providing opportunities to connect over engaging and relevant instructional content.

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While prioritizing teacher and student wellbeing, Oak Park reflected on how to integrate lessons learned from distance learning into instruction when school reopens in the fall.
As the district looks ahead, engaging, relevant content is a central part of their plan to ease staff and students back into school.
District ELA teachers leverage Newsela Curriculum Complements to give students choice as part of their use of the Lucy Calkins workshop model.

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For Oak Park USD in California, leadership has prioritized “taking care of people” during the most tumultuous year schools have experienced in recent memory. This is important for both students and staff, says District Director of Curriculum and Instruction Jay Greenlinger. Jay notes that he and his team are working to find the balance between academically preparing students, and knowing that kids don’t learn when they’re not ready.

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