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Key Takeaways


District leaders wanted to build a science curriculum that would leverage literacy as a way to open up the content area to all students


Accessible, relevant content empowers teachers to differentiate instruction and build robust curriculum integrated with digital tools


The district provides teachers with tools to give ELLs and Special Ed students pathways to engage in science


As Norwalk Schools created its newest science program, they wanted to put literacy at the forefront in order to engage all students and differentiate instruction. By starting with clearly defined science phenomena as the foundation, they were able to leverage Newsela’s content along with other digital tools to create a scope and sequence that was accessible to ELL, Special Ed, and General Education students. Norwalk takes a stance of teacher and student empowerment, encouraging teachers to use Newsela’s lexile level tools to differentiate in a way that builds student reading skills and provides all students a pathway to learn science.

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