Meeting the moment with intentional SEL

MAR 25, 2021

In this webinar recording, we'll cover:

  • 1

    Prioritizing SEL over drill-and-kill tactics, particularly in the context of learning recovery

  • 2

    Integrating SEL into core instruction

  • 3

    Establishing an SEL program with a clear scope and sequence

Speaker Details

Speaker Headshot

Sara LaHayne

Founder & CEO, Move This World

Sara LaHayne is the Founder & CEO of Move This World, a social emotional learning program that provides PreK-12 students, educators and families with multimedia experiences empowering students to navigate the rapidly-changing realities of their world - both in the classroom and throughout their lives. Through evidence-based, developmentally appropriate content rooted in creative expression and participatory movement, Move This World ritualizes a daily practice of identifying, expressing and managing emotions. A life-long dancer and former professional performer, Sara LaHayne authored, implemented, and evaluated the original Move This World curriculum fourteen years ago as a Fulbright Scholar in Bogotá, Colombia.

Speaker 2 Headshot

Mathew Portell

Principal of Fall-Hamilton Elementary

Mathew Portell has dedicated a decade and a half to education in his role as a teacher, instructional coach, teacher mentor, and school administrator in all three tiers of elementary, middle, and high school. In his sixth year as principal of Fall-Hamilton Elementary, he is an internationally recognized innovative model school for trauma-informed practices in Metro Nashville Public Schools.

Speaker 3 Headshot

Dr. Mary Crnobori

District Coordinator of Trauma-Informed Schools for Metro Nashville Public Schools.

Dr. Mary Crnobori leads a team of 6 Trauma-Informed Specialists dedicated to equipping educators with the information and strategies they need for compassionate school environments that promote resilience and healthy development and school success for all. Dr. Crnobori holds a PhD in Special Education and has extensive experience with teaching, speaking and training, systems-wide innovation and administration, behavior analysis, and writing.


Dan Cogan-Drew

Co-Founder and Chief Academic Officer, Newsela

Dan brings twenty-plus years of professional experience spent working towards a more perfect union of teaching, learning and technology. Prior to Newsela, Dan was the founding Director of Digital Learning at Achievement First Public Charter Schools, where he spearheaded the integration of digital learning technologies across the network. He began his education career in Teach for America and went on to teach in public and private schools, as well as in the US Navy. He holds degrees from Wesleyan University, Brown University, and Tufts University.

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