Support Michigan’s Blueprint for Comprehensive Student Recovery with Newsela

AUG 11, 2021

In this webinar recording, we'll cover:

  • 1

    See how Newsela resources align with the Michigan Blueprint in the areas of Wellness, Academics, School Climate, Family and Community Engagement, and Post-secondary Education.

  • 2

    Discover ways to recreate meaningful learning environments - academically, socially and emotionally - that focus on the “whole child”.

  • 3

    Understand how Newsela resources can be used to address unfinished learning for ALL students.

Speaker Details

Speaker Headshot

Luci Cambria

Curricular Solutions Architect

Luci Cambria is a Curricular Solution Architect at Newsela. Previously, Luci taught World Languages and English Language Arts at the secondary level. As both a teacher leader and a Vice Principal/Instructional Coach, Luci has experience in choosing, implementing and adapting curriculum, designing professional development, and finding meaningful ways to drive instruction with technology. Luci is certified by the Relay Graduate School of Education’s National Principal Fellowship Program and received her BS in Social and Educational Policy & Spanish from Northwestern University

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