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Teachers are working in a time in which they have received new demands on their time and have experienced expansions of their existing time demands.


When teachers have a trusted, shared resource for instructional content that they know they’ll be able to use in their teaching, it’s a valuable time saver.


An ongoing approach to professional development that prioritizes the accomplishments of individual teachers helps create a culture where educators can thrive even through difficult challenges.


Faced with a quickly-changing approach to teaching a reading and writing workshop during school closures, Loudoun County ELA teachers have had many demands on their time, both professional and personally. Fortunately, Secondary Supervisor of ELA and Reading Dr. Michelle Picard has focused on building teachers’ capacities to use digital looks like Newsela to continue their instructional approach, which heavily values students' voice and choice. Dr. Picard’s sustainable system of ongoing professional development empowers her staff to learn how to use Newsela to make the most of their planning and instructional time.

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