Newsela Lesson Lab for School Leaders: Reading Skills Check

SEP 23, 2021

In this webinar recording, we'll cover:

  • 1

    Learn how Newsela supports every part of your back-to-school plans from assessing where students are, to accelerating student learning, to supporting students’ social-emotional needs.

  • 2

    See how teachers can use Newsela to plan and build customized lessons that align to standards and engage students.

  • 3

    Walk away with Newsela ready-to-go lessons on assessing reading skills to send to your teachers as they get to know their their new students

Speaker Details

Speaker Headshot

Tyler Overstreet

Curricular Solution Architect

Tyler is a Curricular Solution Architect at Newsela. Previously, Tyler was a high school History/ELA teacher from Illinois with experience as a Literacy Teacher Lead, PBL Coach, and he helped design and deliver professional development in his district. Tyler was also Newsela Certified Educator, Newsela Teacher Trainer, and a Newsela Resource Writer before joining Newsela. Prior to joining the Curricular Solution Architect team, Tyler designed and delivered professional learning for Newsela and worked with engaging districts across the country.

Speaker 2 Headshot

Kristen Rafferty

Professional Learning Manager, Newsela

Kristen Rafferty holds her M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. She is a Newsela Certified Educator, Newsela Teacher Trainer and was part of the very first Newsela Fellows cohort. Most notably however, for 14 years she was a dedicated, passionate teacher of fourth graders in Minneapolis, MN who shared a love of books, technology, and laughter with her students.

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