12 ways your instructional materials can support students this fall | A back-to-school guide

After more than a year of physical (and metaphorical) distance, this back-to-school season might just be the most joyful one yet. Administrators are considering how to best balance the need for connection and engagement within their broader learning recovery plans. We’ve created this guide to show why engaging, flexible instructional materials ought to be the bedrock of any learning recovery plan.

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Key Takeaways

Pitfalls to avoid when choosing instructional materials for your learning recovery plan.
Checklists to ensure your instructional materials address student engagement, learning acceleration, whole-child needs, and assessment connections.
An overview of how Newsela is uniquely positioned to address your needs for this coming school year -- and beyond.


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Decision-making in the current moment is uniquely challenging. Students will return to the classroom this fall with massive variations in experiences and abilities unlike ever before. Pressure is mounting from the national- and state-level to recover “lost learning.” With so much at stake, it might feel like skill and drill approaches are the safest and only option. We've created this guide to offer an alternate perspective.

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