How Kingman USD creates new possibilities for teaching and learning through flexible, relevant content

As students return to in-person instruction, Kingman USD is working to move all students forward after a disruptive year. By increasing cross-curricular collaboration, and rethinking their approach to intervention, they’re engaging kids in meaningful and purposeful learning.

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Kingman USD needs to move away from after school tutoring as its primary method of providing intervention, and find a resource that reengages students and helps them find a love for learning.
By empowering teachers to use Newsela as a flexible and engaging instructional resource, Kingman USD has embraced a new intervention approach and encouraged greater cross-curricular collaboration.
Making Newsela a regular part of instruction across content areas supports Kingman USD’s goals of solidifying teacher and student gains in technology usage, while providing students with content that builds meaningful discussions.

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As Kingman Unified School District in Mojave County, Arizona plans for the 2021- 2022 school year, they’re focused on moving students forward. “Next year, our focus is on what we can do to get kids back to the standards of what a typical fourth, fifth, or tenth grader can do,” said the district’s Federal Programs Director Shelley Oestmann. There’s a gap between the skills and knowledge students have now and what typical expectations may be. But there’s also another gap Kingman USD is working to close based on students’ level of participation throughout the previous year.

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