Unit Guide: The Illinois State History Collection

As part of the Illinois Social Science Standards, upper elementary students are required to learn about the rich history, geography, and government of their home state. But it’s hard to find instructional materials that are both engaging and accessible to younger readers.

That's why we're pleased to offer The Illinois State History Collection.

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Key Takeaways

Flexible, aligned units
Centering around essential questions and aligned to the Illinois Social Science Standards
Engaging, accessible content
Collected from sources like the Chicago Tribune, National Geographic Society, and more – all leveled and scaffolded so even early readers can access authentic texts
Lesson supports
Guide students before, during, and after reading and help teachers implement effectively with every topic

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This collection is available as an add-on to Newsela Social Studies, a teacher favorite for high-interest, high-quality content that exposes students of all grade bands to diverse perspectives and inquiry-based learning opportunities.

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