How Hall County teachers build student agency through high-quality, engaging content, and formative assessments

To engage students while maintaining best practices, Hall County teachers needed an agile platform with high-quality content. By embracing Newsela as a tool to build student agency, Hall County teachers work to help students find their own voices.

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Key Takeaways

Teachers need a flexible platform that offers relevant content with instructional tools that support best practices.
Through giving students freedom to explore Newsela, Hall County teachers build student agency in a safe way.
As students engage with relevant, current content, teachers leverage Newsela’s formative assessments and differentiated texts to meet students where they’re at.

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Hall County teachers had been moving away from widespread textbook use. Instead, when it came to selecting and evaluating content, they began looking for instructional materials that engaged students and helped them build autonomy. At the same time, Emily Lott, who serves many functions in the Hall County School District including American Literature teacher, ELA department chair, and professional learning leader, had been working to “leverage technology to quickly optimize learning, ” through both her teaching and her support of other teachers.

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