Cultivating Social Consciousness: Ethnic Studies for All Students

SEP 8, 2022

In this webinar recording, we'll cover:

  • 1

    Humanization: Encouraging understanding of how different groups have both struggled and worked together

  • 2

    Self-determination: Engaging with pedagogies that invite student and community responsiveness, validate students’ lived experience, and address socioemotional development

  • 3

    Cultivating Critical Consciousness: Promoting critical thinking and rigorous analysis of history, systems of oppression, and the status quo

Speaker Details

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Brian Veprek

Curricular Solutions Architect

Brian Veprek is a Curricular Solutions Architect at Newsela, where he collaborates with school districts to surface and address the unique needs of their students and teachers. He is a former professional learning consultant and coach as well as a former teacher of English, theatre arts, history, and Latin in public, independent, and international secondary schools. In all of his work as an educator, Brian strives to support learners as they cultivate their empathy and agency.

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