Newsela + Listenwise: Equitable Learning with Your English Learners

Aug 19, 2020

In this webinar recording, we'll cover:

  • 1

    Identifying lessons that include content-specific questions that can help students focus on important language, information, and ideas while listening.

  • 2

    Easy strategies to use to best support your English learners combining reading and listening using Newsela and Listenwise.

  • 3

    Purposeful listening and reading activities and tips and strategies to engage students!

Speaker Details

Speaker Headshot

Monica Brady-Myerov

Founder and CEO, Listenwise

Monica Brady-Myerov is the Founder and CEO of Listenwise, an award-winning listening skills platform. Monica was an award-winning public radio reporter for nearly 25 years. Because of her public speaking background and her expertise in auditory learning, Monica is a frequent speaker, workshop presenter, panelist and moderator.

Speaker 2 Headshot

Nicole Offerdahl

Curricular Solution Architect, Newsela

Nicole Offerdahl is a Curricular Solutions Architect at Newsela. A former educator, Nicole has experience building curriculum and loves, in her current role, getting nerdy with school districts about their curricular needs.

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