Translate PD into meaningful instruction

MAY 18, 2021

In this webinar recording, we'll cover:

  • 1

    Meet teachers where they are with bite-sized, on-demand training for different subjects and learning styles

  • 2

    Build teacher confidence around complex topics like culturally responsive teaching, by providing actionable guidance and relevant, classroom-ready resources that get students back on track

  • 3

    Connect Newsela technology to real-life instructional use cases and optimize your implementation

Speaker Details

Speaker Headshot

Karishma Amin

Professional Learning Manager, Newsela

Karishma Amin is a Professional Learning Manager on the Professional Learning team at Newsela. She is a former 7th-grade science teacher and curriculum writer from Atlanta, Georgia. Karishma is passionate about delivering engaging and valuable professional learning to all teachers to show them how to build on their curriculum for any type of classroom.

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