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A recent study showed that 60 percent of education leaders and policy makers found the quality of distance education as the most critical but overlooked challenge as states reopen schools.


When students see teachers consistently integrating recent, relevant topics into their lessons, it increases the likelihood that they will take the first step of engaging with their work, whether asynchronously or synchronously.


Flexible instructional materials that accommodate varying levels of technology access, as well as hybrid learning settings, provide administrators, teachers, and parents with a firm understanding of how curriculum will progress throughout the year.


A pop-up vocabulary has emerged in school reopening talks: hotspots, hybrid, distancing and masks. Right behind health and safety, though, must come discussions of how to guarantee a quality learning experience for all students.

In this guide, we’ll explore the areas and strategies that districts and schools can implement to minimize instructional uncertainty and ensure equitable continuity of learning throughout the school year.

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