Newsela’s Black U.S. History Collection


In this webinar recording, we'll cover:

  • 1

    A walkthrough of the Black U.S. History Collection, including the robust resources and instructional supports alongside it.

  • 2

    The importance of embedding anti-bias, anti-racist instruction into your social studies classrooms, and the four actionable practices you can implement.

  • 3

    How to best leverage the collection in your classroom, whether as a standalone course, or modularly alongside your U.S. History curriculum

Speaker Details

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Lucia Cambria

Solution Architect, Newsela

Luci Cambria is a Curricular Solution Architect at Newsela. Previously, Luci taught World Languages and English Language Arts at the secondary level. As both a teacher leader and a Vice Principal/Instructional Coach, Luci has experience in choosing, implementing and adapting curriculum, designing professional development, and finding meaningful ways to drive instruction with technology. Luci is certified by the Relay Graduate School of Education’s National Principal Fellowship Program and received her BS in Social and Educational Policy & Spanish from Northwestern University.

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Evelyn Quezada

Senior Content Manager, Newsela

Evelyn Quezada is the Social Studies Content Manager. For the last several years, Evelyn has led her team in developing Instructional Resources for Newsela, that align to Anti-Bias/Anti-Racism best practices. Evelyn's background in researching bilingual-education and dual-emergence programs coupled with her work in Policy as the regional representative for Senator Patty Murray help her stay grounded when developing practical, instructional solutions for all students and teachers as she considers the granular realities of the classroom and the impact policy and state requirements have on teachers and students. Evelyn graduated with her Masters in Education, Policy & Management from Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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